METCloud is the Cloud Platform built on Next Generation Cybersecurity

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Automated Patch Management & Backup

Patch Management is designed to update and manage programs automatically, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your systems are reliable and up-to-date. We run real-time scans to discover and apply missing security patches and hotfixes to immediately mitigate threats. These patches and updates help employ efficiency and productivity, as they contain new features, functionalities and extended support for additional platforms. Analysing vulnerabilities in computer systems is important to reduce business downtime, unavailability, inconsistency and corrupted data. Furthermore, METCloud focus on data security in your backups, offering a robust and reliable recovery system that can alleviate data loss.

Endpoint Protection

Every device is a launch pad for a cyber-attack on a network. Endpoint protection is a full spectrum solution that every business is required to have. It protects the network when accessed through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), as devices connected wirelessly impose a bigger threat. We offer a multi-layered protection to expose and remediate advanced attacks so productivity is not affected, providing everything from file reputation and behavioural analysis to advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Endpoint encryption and application control are two essential layers that will prevent issues on the loss and encryption of enterprise data. Endpoints will be managed using a single, high-performance agent and management console for Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual Machines and embedded systems both on the premises and in the cloud.

Enterprise Class Servers & Storage

METCloud utilises server and storage hardware from industry-leading vendors, with continual investment in the latest technology to ensure that METCloud provides customers with the performance they expect from their cloud services. Three tiers of server platform are available with simple migration between tiers and standard high availability within a single data centre zone. Flexible Storage options are available utilising NVMe RAM, SSD and Performance Hard Drives for standard workloads and all flash storage where guaranteed high performance is required; workloads can be migrated between storage tiers with zero downtime. Flexible backup and disaster recovery options are available to ensure that your valuable data is protected in multiple locations, allowing for continuous availability.

Network Access Control

As technology has evolved, it has reduced the ability for users to maintain complete visibility and control of their network. Specifically, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has altered the network perimeter by creating an easy attack service. Network Access Control allows organisations to gain real-time visibility and control of devices from the instant they are connected to the network; this evaluates the seriousness of the attack and monitors activity of the device to ensure safety. By fully understanding the network, METCloud is able to monitor real-time connectivity levels, device activity and operating systems.

Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) is a software-based security system that provides end-to-end protection to your network by detecting and blocking threats. By enforcing security policies at the application and protocol level, it is able to deliver an impressive level of security. METCloud is built with a high quality NGFW at its core, combining the ease and practicality of a cloud based system with the protection offered by an NGFW. This level of security is vital to modern businesses, as the network is under constant threat from increasingly complicated and malicious attacks. METCloud and its inbuilt NGFW will keep your business secure from attacks and provide a fast and robust firewall, enabling your organisation to focus on its operations. METCloud’s Next Generation Firewall combines the capabilities of traditional firewalls such as Network Address Translation (NAT), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), whilst also offering next generation capabilities such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and Intrusion Detection (IDS).

Proactive Monitoring & Surveillance 24/7

METCloud monitors the health, performance and capacity of your servers, networks and computer activity, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This allows us to pinpoint the root of potential threats and issues before they affect your business. Proactive Monitoring and Surveillance saves you time and money by minimising business downtime, forecasting capacity needs and optimising resources.

Security Information and Event Management

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a proven security and compliance platform that is trusted by thousands of customers. Using 24/7 network monitoring, advanced correlation, real-time alerts, remediation of malicious activity and integrated incident management workflow, we can help you create a secure future for your business whilst improving your cyber security. Benefits of our SIEM include a reduced risk of cyber threats, the ability to respond to threats faster, the capability to achieve compliance with ease and the assurance of business continuity. Cyber security is more important than ever before; more than 60% of small businesses close within six months of experiencing a data breach due to substantial financial losses and even large organisations experience breaches on an annual basis. For many businesses, the most reliable and affordable solution is METCloud’s secure cloud platform.